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If I renew my EHIC How Long Is it Valid?

ehic renewal timeIf doesn’t matter if you are applying for your European health insurance card renewal for the very first time or if you have never had an EHIC card, you will get five years of coverage in both instances.

You want to get your new European Medical Card before it expires, so before booking your holiday make sure you check the current date on your card so that you leave enough time to apply for a new one so that you have well ahead of time before you are due to travel.

You can renew your EHIC six months before it expires, so it is a good idea to renew as soon as possible to ensure you have a valid one when you are ready to travel.

I already have an European Health Insurance Card, do I need another one?

european health insurance card renewal ukIn short the answer is yes. When you renew your EHIC you will need a brand new card, you do not get extra coverage added to your existing card. Each new card has a five year lifetime so you will not need to get another one for 5 years.

What about if I am going to the EU for work?

No matter what the reason for your travels, if you want to have the EHIC benefits while in a different country then you will need to be a EHIC cardholder and make sure that it is valid of course otherwise you will lose the rights.

Can I just get one European Health card for my whole family?

european health card renewal onlineIn short the answer is no. You need to get an EHIC card for every family member. If you have 5 children and one spouse or partner, then you will need to apply for 7 EHIC cards and make sure each and every one has not expired before you travel.

The good thing however is that you can apply on behalf of your children and spouse or partner, so one application form should have all family members added to it. However, if you do find that you apply for them at different times and hence they have different expiry dates on them, then any time you apply online to renew a family members card it is advisable to still add the details of the other family members so that their cards can also be renewed at the same time should they be able to.

This would be the case for example if some of the cards are still valid but they have 6 months or less left on them before they expire.

What’s the main benefits of being an EHIC cardholder?

e111 renewal formWhenever we travel abroad the last thing we think about is any potential injuries or illness we could incur while we are away enjoying our trip. However, holding an EHIC card can help to mitigate this worry as it will help to give us the coverage we need in any unforeseen circumstances.

Therefore carrying EHIC cards for your loved ones is key to keeping them safe and avoiding any huge unforeseen medical bills while you are away.

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